Inform Projects is Canada’s leader in bringing high-end European cabinetry to the most luxurious multi-residential projects in Vancouver. Yes, we do kitchens, but we are much more than the final product. We believe that our thoughtful involvement in every stage of the process connects our team and our clients in a way that nurtures trust and stirs design innovation.

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Our work is based on the foundational understanding that creativity inspires precision, precision brings quality, and quality leads to trust. Trust; not simply in the end result, but in the process. Our clients know that we value our work, and that is why they continually seek our guidance through every step.

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Our work comes at the request of designers, developers, and architects alike, as demand for high-end European kitchens in the Vancouver market continues to climb with our increased involvement. This means we are fortunate to build strong relationships with selected clients on projects that we are enthusiastic about. From project concept through to post-occupancy, Inform Projects handles every phase with great care and expertise.


Upon arriving in our office showroom, developers and designers are eager to share their vision for a new project and seek our expertise as to how we can fulfill their design concept while meeting their cost requirements. It is in these conversations that we begin to share in the enthusiasm of a project and design innovative solutions to meet their unique requirements. Discussions about brand selection, pricing, design concept, materials, installation, and marketing are what give our clients the peace of mind knowing that they are getting the utmost service and quality for their proposed project.


Here is where our fantastic technical team takes the lead. At this stage, we work closely with the interior designers to select the perfect materials, finishes, layout, and configurations for each project.  Our CAD team creates precise shop drawings for continued design and cost review, leading to order confirmation for European manufacturing.


Inform Projects is proud to provide turn-key service for all supply of cabinetry product to our clients. We work with leading logistical partners to ship all product directly from the European manufacturer and deliver to site under the sound expertise of our Project Managers and certified European installers. Using the highest standards in protection and quality control, our on-site team ensures a perfect product in every completed kitchen.


Because we put such great effort into creating a timeless design with lasting product, we are mindful to see that every individual is absolutely pleased with their purchase for years to come. Through the relationships we’ve built with our client, the Developer, we welcome the Homeowner to contact Inform Projects directly for design upgrades and service requests. We are committed to our philosophy that trusted service leads to lasting comfort.


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Our expert team of project managers, technicians, and certified European cabinetry installers is profoundly invested in their work. At Inform Projects we collaborate as a hive, continually pursuing design innovation and creative solutions which lead to lasting client relationships and a reputation that leads the industry.

Prominently situated in the Manufacturing Design zone of Vancouver, our 3000 sq ft office showroom acts as a lab, in which designers, engineers, architects, and developers come together with our team to dream and create with hands-on participation.